Aquarium Innovations

Preuss Aquarium Innovations: Your full service company offering expert aquarium design, installation and maintenance. From fancy goldfish displays to exotic freshwater planted systems, to the captive marine Reef aquarium … we service individuals, businesses, and large institutions throughout Michigan from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids and Detroit. We’re located at 1127 N Cedar Street, Lansing, MI. Call us at 517-339-0480 ext. 2 or email [email protected]

  • Twin 110 gallon reef aquariums
  • 144 gallon half circle glass reef aquarium
  • 280 gallon custom reef aquarium - 72x30x30
  • 500 gallon reef aquarium - 10' long!
  • 180 gallon reef aquarium
  • 150 gallon freshwater cichlid aquarium
  • 180 gallon poison dart frog vivarium