Welcome to the Bird Department!

Here at Preuss Pets we recognize and have a deep appreciation for the fact that birds are highly intelligent socially. For that reason, I have dedicated myself to 28 years of researching, nurturing and sharing my positive experiences. The experiences shared through research and nurturance have enriched the lives of myself, my staff and foremost, the wonderful customers we have met along the way.

We teach with positive direction and inspiration. our goal is to provide and give the best advice for making the happiest and most successful experiences happen for you and your pet bird. This starts from the time the babies have been selected to come to us from the most reputable sources at 4 weeks of age. It is at this early age that the trust building starts to develop. Because we give the utmost respect to their physical, emotional and environmental needs, the relationship is refelcted in a healthy, happy and secure manner. Our desire is to sustain that mutual pleasure and contentment.

Birds deserve playtime and flock interaction. It is here that they have time for daily exercise. They express themselves freely and are psychologically stimulated.

We are dedicated to educating how to apply applications that assist in accomplishing an everlasting, successful and fun commitment when matching up the most compatible connection.

Our babies are thoroughly vet checked on a weekly basis. they have complete, up to date health certificates, which are presented  to you along with an offering of a free follow up vet examination at the time of adoption.

Our knowledgable bird associates are happy to offer positive solutions for all questions you may have as you are enjoying making your selection of adoption and definitely the entirety of the commitment.

We offer an incredible selection of task-oriented enrichments for the sake of their psychological and physical development at all ages. You’ll discover the fun of being creative with the different textures, shapes, colors and sizes of bird toys that are best and safe for your bird. You will find a large array of foraging toys. This application starts here at our store and is encouraged throughout your birds life.

We provide and recommend a diverse variety of the best quality bird nutrition on the market, as well as recommend abundant, fresh supplements often. We carry Golden Feast, Higgins, Harrisons, Tropicana, Kaytee, Roudy Bush, Caitec, ZuPreem, Ect.. Daily vitamin supplements; natural spirulina, palm and coconut oils, organic sprouts, soak and simmer comfort foods, foods that smell like they just came out of grandmas kitchen treats and more!

For your cage selection, we offer King, Hagen, Blue Ribbon Prevue, Avian Adventure, ect….Playstands and activity gyms are to be found everywhere along our real river that is near our Caribbean 2 story village of our 25,000 sq. foot store.

Come in to enjoy meeting our friendly and knowledgeable bird staff, enjoy being introduced to our wonderful, very socialized babies and experience the Preuss difference!

Debbie Preuss

Many if the parrots at Preuss have the ability to create sounds that they hear often. Some of our parrots can say words like “Hello” and “Hi

Our parrots have trimmed feathers. These feathers grow back over time and require trims. This means that they have enough flight to gracefully glide to the ground but they do not have much lift. Our companion parrots enjoy being out with humans and on a perch to forage and play so they are perfectly content staying where they are.

It is actually best to just get one bird. They are social creatures and will socialize well with you more if they are the only bird.

Yes, most of our parrots are Preuss are hand fed. This means that our bird room staff feeds our baby birds formula with a syringe multiple times a day until they are able to eat solid foods on their own.

We recommend seeing an avian veterinarian every 6 months.

Many of our parrots are sexually monomorphic. What this means is that the male and female look extremely similar and it is difficult to tell which is which without doing a DNA test.