Welcome to the Freshwater Department!

You, too, can have a beautiful, underwater jungle in your home! Creating a fabulous aquascape is easier than you might think.  Whether you’re looking to include some plants in a simple standard aquarium, or looking to set up a lush aquatic planted aquarium, our freshwater staff can help you select plants for your tank and your level of expertise.  We have rows and rows of exotic plants from all over the world, and expert advice to help you succeed.

We pride ourselves on our selection of Rift Lake cichlids from Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi.  The large and beautiful fish of Lake Malawi are so vibrant and exotic that many people upon seeing them for the first time think they are saltwater fish!  Cichlids from Lake Malawi are not only beautiful, they are also easy to care for!  For advanced aquarists looking for a challenge, we offer a regular selection of cichlids from Lake Tanganyika.  Check out our African cichlid display aquariums in the freshwater department for some great inspirational ideas for what these amazing fish can bring into your home or office!

That’s right, we breed many of our own fish right here in the store!  We produce all of our: angelfish, guppies, platies, mollies, and swordtails.  We’ve also begun to breed a significant portion of our freshwater shrimp, corydoras catfish and rainbowfish.  Next time you’re in the store ask us about the advantages of keeping these locally bred fish!

Looking for a gentle community of vibrant fish?  Community fish are a great way to go.  Check out our selection of these durable and peaceful fish including many tetras, danios, rasboras, live-bearers and corydoras catfish.

Wow!  Check out these wildly colorful freshwater beauties from Australia, New Guinea and the islands of Southeastern Asia.  Stop by the store to see our diverse selection of these vibrant fish.

Amazing patterns and colors from this diverse group of generally easy to keep fish.  Check out our selection of ‘New World’ cichlids from Central and South America.

Looking for something a litte odd?  Check out our diverse selection of strange aquatic critters like – knifefish, polypterus and more!  If you’re looking for something in particular, feel free to give us a call, and we’ll check with our sources to locate that rare find.

These little guys are sweet!  Ask us about how they may be able to fit into your peaceful community.


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