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Saltwater Fish at Preuss Pets

From Damsel Fish to Rare Coral, We Can Help You Create an Unparalleled Saltwater Aquarium

Our Commitment to Your Aquarium

At Preuss Pets, we’re committed to helping you get a beautiful aquarium, full of thriving, healthy fish and underwater life. That’s why we offer free water testing, on-site medical treatment, and breed many species in-house. So, when you take one of our fish home with you, you know it’s healthy. Visit our store today & see for yourself what sets us apart.

Some of the Saltwater Creatures We Have in the Store…

We have lots of creatures in the store and we even breed our own! Here’s a taste of what we have…come on in, to see the rest!

Live Rock

Live Rock is the foundation of a healthy closed-environment, saltwater ecosystem. Often containing calcium carbonate and other calcium-based deposits, many organisms live in and throughout the rock, helping to filter and provide structure to your mini “ocean.”

The diversity of live rock fauna includes many species of sponges, algae, crustaceans, and even tiny sea stars. If you’d like to liven up your aquarium, head into the store and learn more!


These cute little guys are bred in-house, can live up to four years and range in size from 4-7 inches. Generally preferring cooler water, they are ideal for cool, Michigan homes.

They also like to eat, feeding up to 3 times a day. Of course, we have tools and tips to help you feed your friend without having to be home 24/7. Come in and take a look!


If you’re looking for Nemo, you’ll likely find him at Preuss Pets.

These fish can live 15 years or more and are one of the most popular fish for marine aquariums. Hardy fish, they are well-suited to be the first fish introduced into a new aquarium.


Tangs are among the most diverse families of fish, with 6 genera and 82 different species. The Paracanthurus Hepatus (also known as blue hippo tang) is even the only member of it’s genus! If you’d like to see the extent of our diverse Tang offering, come into the store today!


Being a marine invertebrate that often gets confused with a plant or other marine life, it’s understandable that the idea of keeping a coral as a pet isn’t obvious.

Yet, these beautiful creatures are bright and vibrant and easily lend themselves to the uniqueness of your aquarium. From the Green Star Polyp to the Tubastraea coral, come into the store and browse our inventory of corals.


Roaming the seas for at least 500 million years, jellyfish are the world’s oldest multi-organ animal. Softbodied and propelled with by their umbrella shaped bodies, you don’t have to head to the nearest ocean to see them swimming about. Because we have them in the store. And you could have them in your aquarium.

Clean-up Crew

Your aquarium’s “Clean-up Crew” is vital to the health of your aquarium. Whether starfish, crabs, snails, or any of the other variety of animals we have, these fellas keep the ecosystem clean. They do this by eating the uneaten food, algae, and other ‘waste’ left behind by the fish or other creatures in your aquarium. Come in today to discuss what assortment of animals makes sense for your aquarium!


Growing to around 8 inches in length, puffers are hardy fish who do well in captivity. Especially if they have a few hiding places when they want their privacy. Fortunately, we have enough in the store that you don’t have to look hard to find one.


Reef-loving fish inhabitating tropical oceans throughout the world, these fish beatiful and bright. And a little persnickkety at times. Still, they’re smart and distinctive and stand out in your aquarium. Come in to the store and check them out today.

Saltwater Angelfish

Brightly colored with flat bodies, these beautiful fish stand out conspicuously in reef environments. Not to be confused with their freshwater “cousins,” will stand out just as much in your saltwater aquarium.


A unique creature, lionfish are easily recognized by their venomous spikes, showy pectoral fins, and ornate beauty. Skilled hunters with few natural predators, these animals require some special on your part. But, if you come in, then we’ll teach all about how to introduce them into your saltwater aquarium, where you can appreciate their beauty.

And That’s Not All!

Come and visit the store today to see our wide selection of saltwater creatures and begin building your marine environment today!

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