Our commitment to excellence

We want to make sure that any animal that you take home is not only healthy, but that it is also going into a proper environment. We will take you step by step through the setup process to ensure that the animal not only has the correct temperatures, lighting and aesthetics, but that you also know the animal’s habitat and proper care.

Thanks to Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic we have a trained exotic animal vet that comes into the store once a week to see to the needs of any animal that needs special attention.

We take pride in ensuring that our animals are of high quality and we do this by putting every one of our animals through an extensive quarantine period. NO ANIMAL LEAVES UNLESS WE BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE 100% HEALTHY!

In our reptile section you will find a wide variety of lizards from all over the globe. From the geckos on the ground to the geckos in the trees with everything in between, we have it(sometimes you just have to look twice to see)!

Our amphibian collection includes a wide variety of tree frogs, toads, newts and salamanders and the jewel of any collection, poison dart frogs. With our amphibians comes the understanding of how sensitive they are to environmental conditions and because of this we take the utmost care and concern in how to maintain a proper environment.

Our snake collection includes an array of cornsnakes, kingsnakes, milksnakes, boas and pythons! We have a snake for almost any type of collector and a variety seen nowhere else. From the dozens of patterns and color varieties of our cornsnakes to the exotic features of our pythons and beauty snakes you will always find something to new to see.

Our section wouldn’t be complete without our multi-legged friends. Tarantulas, tree spiders, hermit crabs, Halloween crabs, scorpions, millipedes and centipedes…if it takes more than 4 legs to walk, we probably have it! The myths of these animals is only exceeded by their misunderstanding. We understand how fragile some of these creatures are and take pride in our experience and knowledge of care.



Currently we are working to bring you Reptile FAQs