Educational Outreach

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Presentations featuring animals suited for the education department captivate children and adults alike, as they learn proper care and interesting facts, such as where the animals are endemic to. Teachers are offered discounts on animals and habitats for classroom use.  
- Pet Product News, January 2014
Ambition, drive and, perhaps most importantly, passion are all hallmarks of the entrepreneurial spirit that propels so many pet specialty retailers today—but none more so than those specializing in aquatics.
- Pet Business, November 2014


Preuss provides tours for groups all the way from Kindergarten to college!

Book a behind-the-scenes tour of Preuss Pets for your next adventure with the kids! Great for school groups, or individual families!

Pricing Coming Soon!

On-Site and Off-Site Animal Presentations

Book us at your next event!

We love traveling to schools and sharing the mission of our education department!

Preuss Pets puts an emphasis on safety.

Ideally, locations should have a sink to wash hands.

If not, we always bring hand sanitizer.

Please let us know in advance of any health concerns (i.e. allergies)


  • Offsite presentation: $100/hour
  • On-site presentation: $60/hour or $30/half hour
  • Groups larger than 20, $2.00/student for in-store