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Fish at Preuss Pets

Preuss Pets is one of the premier pet stores in the Midwest.

Born, Bred, and Cared For, In-House

While we take our commitment to all of our animals very seriously, our fish department is unique among pet stores.

To ensure the health of our fish, we have an in-house vet, give our fish first-class medical attention, and even breed them here. See how the Preuss Pets difference ensures healthy fish for your aquarium.

Our Commitment to Your Aquarium

At Preuss Pets, we’re committed to helping you get a beautiful aquarium, full of thriving, healthy fish and underwater life. That’s why we offer free water testing, on-site medical treatment, and breed many species in-house. So, when you take one of our fish home with you, you know it’s healthy. Visit our store today & see for yourself what sets us apart.

Freshwater Fish

From Axolotls to Angelfish, we have dozens of species of freshwater fish & fauna for your freshwater aquarium. Browse a sample of our selection or visit the store to learn more!

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Saltwater Fish

Have a little bit of the ocean in your home or office? We have several species of saltwater fish and other creatures to help you create a healthy, beautiful saltwater aquarium. Browse some of our selection or visit the store to learn more!

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Aquatic Services

In addition to fish, we also do custom installations of aquariums for your home or office. In addition to being beautiful, Many of our customers experience a therapeutic benefit to owning an aquarium. Contact us today to see if an aquarium is right for you.

Learn about Aquarium Therapy

Aquarium Innovations

Have you always wanted an aquarium in your home or office? We can help you determine what you need and get it installed for you lickety split, whatever your budget.

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Aquarium Maintenance

Already have an aquarium installed? Need someone to manage it? We can do that, too.

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Pond & Water Gardens

Have you dreamed of having a pond or garden at your home, farm, or business? We can help you plan out the pond and source the right mix of fish, aquatic life, and chemicals to keep it thriving.

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Give the Gift of Preuss!

And That’s Not All!

Come and visit the store today to see all of fish & begin building your aquarium today!

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We pride ourselves on our service and commitment to relationships – with our animals and our customers! Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly! Or, you can call us at 517-999-PETS.

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