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Small Animals at Preuss Pets

They're small. They're cute. They're loveable. And they're looking for their Forever homes.

Small Animals at Preuss Pets

Here at Preuss we carry a wide variety of small animals. With these animals comes over 30+ years of combined experience in breeding, handling and maintaining of different breeds of small animals. We believe in providing the best possible environment for these animals and want you to be able to enjoy your small animal experience!

Some of the Small Animals We Have in the Store…

These are just some of the kinds of small animals that we have in the store. Come in and check us out to see them all


There are over 100 species of gerbils in the world and many of them are popular pets. Visit the day to see our selection of gerbils & gerbil accessories!


Contrary to some beliefs, rats make wonderful pets. Smart, sociable, and clean, they can make a delightful addition to your family.


While these little guys can’t help you defeat bad guys or attract gold rings, they make wonderful pets.

Nocturnal by nature, these little mammals share a common ancestry with shrews and porcupines.


People have been keeping rabbits as pets since ancient Rome. They’re soft, cute, and children (in particular) love them. Come into the store today to see which rabbits we have available for you!


These little guys will weasel their way into your heart and home. Literally, a relative of the weasel, these guys have been domesticated for over 2500 years and the ones in our store are looking for new homes right now.

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And That’s Not All!

Come and visit the store today to see all of our small animals and begin building a relationship with your small animal today!

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