Small Animals

Here at Preuss we carry a wide variety of small animals. With these animals comes over 30+ years of combined experience in breeding, handling and maintaining of different breeds of small animals. We believe in providing the best possible environment for these animals and want you to be able to enjoy your small animal experience!

Commitment to Excellence

We want to make sure that any animal that you take home is not only healthy, but that it is also going into a proper environment. We will take you step by step through the setup process to ensure that the animal not only has the correct temperatures, food, bedding and aesthetics, but that you also know the animal’s habitat and proper care.

Thanks to Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic we have a trained exotic animal vet that comes into the store once a week to see to the needs of any animal that needs special attention.

We take pride in ensuring that our animals are of high quality and we do this by putting every one of our animals through an extensive quarantine period. NO ANIMAL LEAVES UNLESS WE BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE 100% HEALTHY!


No small animal leaves our department until they have been under a quarantine period in which we look over the animal’s behavior, monitor their weight and over all health and allow a vet to check out any animal that we feel needs special attention. Doing this will ensure that the animal you take home is of a high quality and standard and can live a long and happy life.

Captive Breeding

Here at Preuss we believe that a quality animal and pet begins before they are even born. We breed much of our own stock of small animals including hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils and rats. Our other small animals(rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs etc) come from private breeders. WE DO NOT BUY FROM FARM RAISED/MASS PRODUCING ANIMAL FARMS! We breed our own and buy from private breeders to ensure that the animals are of the greatest health and decrease the possibility of disease.


In maintaining the health of an animal we believe that only top quality foods and bedding should be used. We have done our research and offer our animals what we believe to be the best options for their health. Much of our foods mimic the animals’ wild diets and our beddings are made from natural products. You will not find something like wood chips for bedding in this store! *did you know that pine chips and cedar chips contain phenols that can make your animal sick or give them allergic reactions?*

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Yeah, we know it’s annoying, but bear with us. If you come into the store we promise to give you great information that will you find the perfect small animal for you.